Strawberry Mocha Dream


As days become shorter and nights grow cooler, warm yourself with our new barista creation, Strawberry Mocha Dream. Taste the rich flavors of espresso, milk, chocolate, strawberry topped with a generous swirl of whipped cream. Put sprinkles for a more whimsical effect. Learn how to make this drink and share the joy with your loved ones this season.


45 ml of espresso
7 tbsp of milk
2 tbsp of Local Chocolate Powder
1 ½ tbsp of Sunny Syrup Strawberry flavor
Rainbow sprinkles
Whipped cream


  1. Prepare hot espresso in serving mug, then add both Local Chocolate Powder and Sunny Syrup Strawberry flavor.
  2. Steam milk until it creates creamy froth; then pour it in serving mug.
  3. Top with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles.
  4. Enjoy.

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