Mango Graham Shake

Enjoy your classic mango drink with a new creamy twist. By combining it with everyone’s favorite graham treat and our smooth and rich Mocha Blends French Vanilla, you will be surprised at [...]

Fruity Fiesta

Want something to zest up your day? Taste our mouth-watering Mocha Blends Fruity Fiesta. Enjoy the mixture of zesty Sunny Syrup Calamansi and Strawberry flavors. Sip on our Mocha Blend’s Fruity [...]

Cherry Choco Chip

Give yourself a cheery chocolate treat with our delightful Mocha Blends Cherry Choco Chip. Enjoy the combination of luscious Sunny Syrup Strawberry Vanilla and Cherry sauces, and a kick of your [...]

Choco Berry

Fascinate your senses with our delectable Mocha Blends Choco Berry. Savor the fusion of creamy Premium Chocolate Powder, luscious Sunny Syrup Strawberry Sauce and your favorite espresso. Try our [...]

Strawberry Sensation

Enchant your palate with our exquisite Mocha Blends Strawberry Sensation. Enjoy the fusion of creamy French Vanilla mix, and luscious Sunny Syrup Strawberry Sauce. Try our Mocha Blend’s [...]

Banana Mocha Frappe

Love that banana and chocolate combination? Try our delicious Mocha Blends Banana Mocha Frappe with its mix of yummy Choleng’s Banana Puree, creamy chocolate, rich Sunny Syrup Vanilla Sauce [...]

Creamy Cranberry

Treat yourself with our mouthwatering Mocha Blends Creamy Cranberry. The delectable synthesis of luscious French Vanilla Powder, rich Sunny Syrup Cranberry flavor, and sweet White Chocolate Sauce [...]

Fruity Passion

Refresh your day with citrus Mocha Blends Fruity Passion. Its wonderful blend of yummy Choleng’s Mango Puree, creamy French Vanilla mix, rich Sunny Syrup Passion Fruit Sauce and luscious [...]

Mochachip Overload

Savor your very chocolatey Mocha Blends Mochachip Overload with its combination of yummy chocolate chips, creamy Chocolate mix, rich Sunny Syrup Chocolate Sauce and luscious Sunny Syrup Hazelnut [...]

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