Mocha Blends is one of the pioneers in the Philippine Café Industry. Since 2001, several cafes have come into play but they were offering fast-food service unable to deliver the complete relaxed experience that goes with drinking coffee. Mocha Blends was then set with this mission. The first goal was to find the best quality coffee that would produce that perfect espresso shot. The second was to develop a café concept of wait-service and barista training. The third was sharing the passion and delivering the promise of a complete experience.

Since 2001, Mocha Blends has achieved all three, making every Mocha Moment worth sharing. Its coffee shops served a dazzling selection of delicious espresso-based beverages within relaxed, semi-fine dining environment. Making the Philippines its home, Mocha Blends has setup a roasting facility in 2003 and made the Northern Highlands locals its partner by utilizing and marketing their coffee as Mocha’s choice beans for all its espresso-based coffee, Kape Maharlika.

Mocha Blends is a café that offers a uniquely satisfying coffee experience made complete by its wide range of food choices, semi-fine dining service and warm ambience. Mocha Blends shares its passion for coffee not only by delighting its consumers, but also as an innovator imparting its technology and experience to its business partners. Mocha Blends continues to live up to the challenge of further improving their craft. A strong brand plus a great team that shares the same passion that they have, makes each cup a masterpiece.

The Mocha Blends Coffee Group

Coffee by Mocha Blends

From an exclusive cafe brand, Mocha Blends can now be part of your existing business such as your restaurant, office or hotel. Through Coffee by Mocha Blends, any business can now offer the Mocha Blends drinks menu and enjoy the perks of a regular franchisor without the additional fees such as royalty, marketing, etc.

Your staff will undergo the Mocha Blends Barista Training. While you will enjoy seasonal marketing promos for your shop, and be included on all research and development projects for the brand.

Koffee Concept, The Master Roaster

Koffee Concept is the secret to Mocha Blends coffee. Koffee Concept became the vehicle to the expansion of Mocha Blends by providng one-of-a-kind service which is offering a wide selection of local and international coffee beans.
Being the Master Roaster, Koffee Concept gives its clients the freehand to concoct the taste they’re looking for, with the right roast, right bean combination and creating the perfect blend. Roasted fresh, of course.

The company’s roasting capability came from its partners in Europe and Australia. Through this capability, your store can now have its own blend.
Koffee Concept also carries Elektra Espresso Machines, Piazza Victoria Coffee Bar and other cafe equipment and supplies.

Rouse Coffee Capsule, Espressooo Easy

Rouse Coffee Capsule is the latest addition to the Mocha Blends family. This is a very young brand but has a promising product that is set to conquer not only the local market but also the Australian coffee lovers.

The important thing to note with Rouse Coffee Capsule is its social enterprise nature. The profit from the Australian sales goes to the scholarship of coffee farmers’ children here in the Philippines. While here in the Philippines, part of the sales will go to community building and livelihood projects.

Choleng, Completing the Cafe Experience

Choleng is the commissary of Mocha Blends. Food businesses can now offer our pasta sauces, salad dressings baked goods and pastries to their customers at a very reasonable price.