Rouse Coffee Capsule Machine

Did you know that our Rouse Coffee Capsule Machine can produce the same espresso extract quality as machines worth more than 50,000 pesos?

This compact device can extract espresso shots for your hot and cold drinks. Make Cafe Americano, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Iced Coffee, Iced Mocha and even Ice Blended Frappuccino with this machine!

Some blends you can do with the Rouse Coffee Capsule Machine…


Fast and Easy-to-Use

Compact for Brewing Technology

15 or 20 Bar High-Pressure Pump

Backlit Coffee Buttons

Preset Coffee Settings

Automatic Capsule collection

Power-Save Mode

Drip tray to collect spills

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Check it out!

Want a feel of what you’re getting? View the Rouse Coffee Capsule Machine in 360 by dragging the image at the top.


  • 220V – 240V
  • max.15 bar
  • ~3.1 kg
  • 1L
  • 5°C…45°C
  • 16.2cm x 26.0cm x 30.5cm

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